deeserve deploys new Private Cloud solution at Volta data centre

Our latest private cloud deployment runs from one of the UK’s most prominent data centres. Find out why we chose Volta as our newest data centre location.

deeserve deploys new Private Cloud solution at Volta data centre

At deeserve, we pride ourselves on running our Private Cloud services on bespoke hardware, from leading UK data centres. It gives our customers full control – as well as regulatory compliance, 24/7 access, best-in-class connectivity and assured resilience. It also means we can work closely with trusted partners and suppliers, and pass that trust down to you.

So, when we were searching for a new location to expand our Private Cloud solutions, we already had a strict set of criteria. Volta exceeded all of our requirements and expectations – and we’re delighted to be able to offer this Central London data centre to our Private Cloud clients.

Why We Chose Volta

We don’t take the responsibility of safeguarding our customers’ data and IT infrastructure lightly. It matters to us that we seek out the best possible solutions for our core services – anything less just won’t do.

After considerable research, due diligence and consideration, Volta emerged as the most obvious choice for our next data centre partner.

There aren’t many data centres in the world that can match Volta’s track record, flexibility and reliability. Plus, we wanted to be able to install bespoke hardware that could meet the unique demands of each customer, and guarantee exceptional performance. In Volta’s Central London data centre, we got everything we were looking for – and more.

Central London Location

Central London is one of the most well-connected data hubs in the world, with diverse routing and international exchanges that blow pretty much every other location out of the water. Coupled with the ease of access in London’s Zone 1, and two independent connections to an advanced power supply, the heart of the UK’s capital is one of the most logistically significant places for data centres in the UK right now.

Then there’s the building itself. Volta is housed in the former Reuters Building on Great Sutton Street. As an international news organisation, the Reuters Building was already well-equipped for global data transfer, storage and continuity in the event of a disaster. With extensive modifications, including advanced cooling systems, the building now stands among the world’s elite, single-purpose data centres.

Ultra-low Latency

Speed is a key demand for our international client base, and we’ve always understood this. The quality, volume and diversity of data routes in Central London allows for ultra-low latency connections to core internet services (like Cloudflare). Volta was built for speed, and high performance data transfer paired with scalable bandwidth gives businesses practically infinite headroom. All this, with frankly remarkable resilience.

Incredible Resilience

This might be Volta’s most impressive feature; since it opened for business in 2013, the data centre has had 100% power uptime. That’s a track record that only a handful of data centres can match. Volta is incredibly well-run and maintained by a 24/7/365 crew – but the true nature of its dependability comes from the peerless power network it’s connected to.

The data centre is fed by two separate, diverse power supplies on London’s upgraded 33kV network. If catastrophe strikes rendering grid power unusable, an uninterrupted power supply triggers the double-redundant static generator, which is stocked for 24 hours of continuous running at 12.5MVA. A 24/7 refuelling contract ensures indefinite continuity and data preservation.

Simply put, it’s Central London’s most resilient data centre – and that was a major factor in our choice to install a new dedicated Private Cloud solution at Volta.

Performance at Scale

Another reason we chose Volta was scalability. The site offers plenty of scope for expansion into further racks, so we can give our growing clients solutions that scale with them. Because we own and manage the hardware we install at our data centres (we don’t just sell rack space), this was important to us.

We wanted to have the option to grow for years to come, so we can continue to give our clients rapid response to their evolving needs. Volta has given us the flexibility to do that, with the dependability and lightning-fast connection that only this unique facility can offer.

A Data Centre for Our Next-gen Private Cloud Solutions

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