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Always watching your back, when you’d rather focus on moving your business forward? Get expertly designed network security architecture, with hardware installed on-site – by deeserve. We use WatchGuard products, including their flagship Firebox appliances, for simplicity, performance and reliability.

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  • Why Choose Watchguard Firebox Firewalls?

    Unlike Dell, Cisco, or other hardware manufacturers, WatchGuard only makes security hardware – that’s all they do. The 20+ years of experience that WatchGuard has in this space is unrivalled, and their unique innovations, like the Unified Threat Management (UTM) concept, provide zero-compromise protection for users.

    WatchGuard Firebox products provide state-of-the-art defence, and have been fine tuned to maximise energy efficiency and upgrade seamlessly. Regardless of the model you choose or the scale you operate at, WatchGuard firewalls are easy to use. They’re scalable and flexible – and that’s important in a world where the pace of change is steadily increasing.

    At deeserve, we choose WatchGuard firewalls simply because they are the gold standard in network security; and our customers deserve total peace of mind when it comes to network security.

    WatchGuard hardware provides defence at multiple network entry points, including WiFi, and every WatchGuard unit communicates – to provide network-wide security. Combined with high-performance, optimised speed and low power consumption, that’s the kind of security system we’d want for ourselves.

  • WatchGuard Firebox Products

    Depending on your needs, we’ll design your network security using a combination of the following WatchGuard firewall appliances.

  • Rackmount Firewall Hardware

    Firebox M290 and M390

    Powerful performance for companies with up to 250 users.

    Firebox M590 and M690

    Supports growing businesses with modular port options. Suitable for up to 1,000 users.

    Firebox M4800 and M5800

    Uncompromising security hardware, designed to protect the central infrastructure of large, distributed enterprise organisations.

  • Tabletop Firewall Hardware

    Firebox NV5

    Small appliance, mighty protection. For isolated hardware and remote VPN applications that require corporate-level protection.

    Firebox T20

    For simple networking needs in sites with a handful of users – like remote virtual offices and homes. WiFi options are available.

    Firebox T40

    For small to medium organisations looking for enterprise-grade security in a small package. Built-in PoE+ port, SD-WAN ready, with WiFi options available.

    Firebox T80

    Rack performance in a tabletop form factor. For 50+ employees or busy, high-traffic locations. Can be customised with expansion modules.

  • Get the Right Network Security Installation

    For us, it all starts with accurately assessing your risk. We audit your network, and analyse everything; from performance and power consumption, to security and business continuity. Threats to your network may not be clear to you at first – but after we’ve created our report, you’ll have full knowledge of where you need take action.

    Once we know exactly what you need, we’ll develop a strategic hardware deployment and installation timeline, synching with your business operations – to ensure any downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

    WatchGuard firewalls can be installed on-site, or as part of a Private Cloud installation in your chosen data centre. This gives you protection at the source, rather than later down the funnel, and limits your vulnerability.

  • And We Excel in Network Security Support – with WatchGuard

    WatchGuard firewall hardware helps us create scalable, secure IT infrastructure for our customers – and every single one of our clients has different needs. So, at deeserve, we create bespoke network security solutions, with dedicated firewall hardware, based on your business objectives.

    We can work on any scale, from small or medium-sized organisations, up to and including multiple racks across global data centres. Everything we do is completely customised to the way you work, and ready to scale with you.

    Find out how we can help – with a free IT audit.

  • Total Security, Simple Pricing

    Our WatchGuard firewalls and network security solutions are designed for your needs, to ensure iron-clad security. It might be complex, but our pricing isn’t.

    Let’s talk about your IT network security. Call us on 01509 80 85 86, or e-mail us at [email protected].

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