IT Monitoring

Our tried and tested IT monitoring solutions come with our comprehensive IT helpdesk service for your business.

Comprehensive IT Monitoring Service

  • The deeserve IT monitoring solution, included with our IT Helpdesk services

    Included with all of our IT support contracts, our 24/7 IT monitoring service can drastically lower the probability of something going wrong with your IT systems, and be there to negate any adverse effects if it does.

    We offer a comprehensive remote IT service including software updates, cybersecurity monitoring and security updates, server updates, firewall monitoring and maintenance, plus hands-on helpdesk support.

  • Around the clock support

    We offer our IT monitoring service 365 days a year and twenty-four hours a day, if required, to cover your business out-of-hours, during breaks and holidays, or remotely around the clock if your staff are working abroad or from home. We aim to identify and address any issue with your systems or network before they happen – and we have over a decade of experience in caring for our clients in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, the East Midlands and right across the UK.

    We provide around the clock system security and software updates, keeping our clients up and running and prepared, with security patches applied automatically (immediately after white listing).

  • On call IT support service

    We offer much more than just 24/7 IT monitoring. We also offer 24/7 IT helpdesk support.
    Our team are on call when you need us. We offer a hands on helpdesk support service so that you can focus on your business while we focus on your IT problems – just pick up the phone, and if you need us we’re there.

    We monitor your network and conduct important overnight updates, but we’re also at the end of the phone if you’re having printer problems or if your night shift can’t connect their mobile to your network at 3am – 365 days a year if needed.

    We appreciate that every business is different, so we pride ourselves on offering a total and truly global solution for all eventualities.

  • Server Monitoring

    Our service provides IT monitoring for disk usage, CPU performance, memory usage, network throughput, uptime alerts, and any other performance related features, highlighting potential issues company-wide or on an individual staff member level, before they become a problem. We can offer real working IT solutions to problems as they develop, decreasing down-time and smoothing your business operations.

    As part of our service we monitor all server hardware for failures, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
    We are here to catch issues before they become problems. Servers are often locked away and forgotten, and no one sees the flashing warning lights and the signs of future issues. Our fault management services monitor for real-time hardware failures including disk failure, memory failure, PSU failure, and more – and we can fix any problems before they become big problems for your business.

    Our business IT monitoring service allows our analysts to ascertain if your IT equipment is performing to optimum and expected service levels. We monitor capacity and performance, being there to identify and resolve any found problem as (or ideally before) it occurs. Piece of mind for your business, 24/7.

  • Network Monitoring

    Your network is the backbone of what you do. As outsourced network operations specialists, our expert team monitors your system around-the-clock, so you can still have total peace of mind – especially when your own IT staff aren’t on site.

    We constantly review peaks and trends in CPU and memory utilisation, disk consumption, network interface utilisation, system uptime, even the temperature and humidity of your server room, and our monitoring service is there 24/7 to make sure that your enterprise is always connected, always online, and always secure. We monitor your applications, servers and network infrastructure in real time, to identify faults. We take action to address any issues and to rectify them. We can monitor on-premises and cloud-based systems. Our mission is to find a resolution without disrupting your business or workflow.

    On top of everything else they do, IT departments are constantly under pressure to manage a varied collection of network events, success/failure messages, power disruptions, SNMP traps, event logs and assorted error codes. At deeserve we detect and make you aware of critical network events before they can affect your business.

  • Cybersecurity and software updates

    We constantly monitor your threat vulnerability from intrusion and cyber-attacks, making sure the right updates, patches and preventions are installed on your system.

    Our computer security experts are on stand-by to protect your network and systems from intrusion, theft and malicious attacks by maintaining the very highest level of readiness. Our team conduct ongoing IT monitoring of your business for vulnerabilities, ensuring you have the very latest software and updates in place to prevent damage to your hardware, software, or electronic data.

  • Reduce your IT complexity.

    There may be a simpler and more efficient way to do what your IT infrastructure is doing now. Our IT monitoring service and comprehensive IT audits allow our customers the ability to streamline their current IT systems – hardware, software, applications and processes – and looks for ways to offer a cleaner, more secure, more cost effective, simpler solution to your IT needs.

  • Call us to discuss your IT monitoring and helpdesk needs.

    Over a decade of experience has shown us that one IT monitoring solution doesn’t suit everyone. If you need help with your overall IT service support – 365 days a year and twenty-four hours a day if required – or would like to book an IT audit of your systems, please give us a call on 01509 808586 or email us on [email protected].

    Tell us about your business, your infrastructure, and your challenges. We’re here to help.

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