IT Audits for Businesses

We offer IT audits and FREE IT review services for your business.

We offer IT audits and FREE IT review services for your business

We believe that now is the time to get a full IT audit of assets and systems to check how it fits with your business plans. In recent times, how businesses operate and what they need to do so efficiently has changed.

Technology moves fast. We want to help our clients be ready – which is why we’re offering a free IT audit and systems overview with every quote.
No two companies are the same, so there’s no one-package-fits-all IT solution. Businesses should get the most from their technology. An IT audit provides a firm with a solid grounding for preparing for the future, for growth, and for achieving your company goals.

  • How our IT auditing service works

    You don’t need to invest in expensive IT auditing software or devote your employee’s man-hours to creating your own internal IT audit. We’ll do that for you.

    UK business is changing the way it operates due to the likes of Brexit, COVID and more remote working. An IT audit will give you a clearer understanding of where you are now and how ready you are for the future. Perhaps you’ve had a recent company merger or a change in your IT support function? Perhaps IT equipment bought for a finished project is no longer required or could be repurposed? Are you considering moving to a cloud computing solution? Perhaps it’s time to review your cybersecurity for weaknesses or vulnerabilities? Are all your software patches and anti-virus protection up-to-date across the business? Is your network optimised for best performance? Only a full review of your infrastructure and a comprehensive IT audit can tell you these things.

  • Step 1

    We’ll sit down with your existing IT support team and business stakeholders to find out what you want to achieve.

    What are your goals and objectives for the future, and what will you need to make that happen? We believe the better we understand your business, your plans and your requirements, the more effective an IT audit we can deliver.

  • Step 2

    Once we have your goals in mind, we’ll conduct a thorough physical IT audit of all your systems, hardware, software, networks and full IT infrastructure. We can compare this against what you want to achieve and against current industry best practices to ensure you’re ready to do business the way you want to for the future.

  • Step 3

    We provide a thorough and itemised IT report, both written and in a formal presentation.

    Taking findings from your IT audit we also recommend improvements and changes to achieve your business objectives and to highlight anything that may not be working to peak efficiency or may be out-of-date or obsolete. Here we can also recommend improvements to your IT infrastructure and to your internal systems, saving you time, money and resources.

    We’ll present a collated set of action points to help you be ready for your businesses future, and be there if you need help.

  • Your IT Audit Questions answered

    Common questions we get asked about our business IT reviews.

  • IT audits come in many shapes and sizes, depending on a businesses goals, but primarily they are a detailed review of software, hardware, knowledge, legal compliance, and infrastructure across all the IT systems of a company.

    IT auditing is vitally important for businesses of all sizes who want to protect their data and systems from external threats and who wish to make business and operational changes in the future.

    Businesses grow, change, and evolve. They develop new products or need to adopt new ways of working. Sometimes a company’s IT systems get left behind.

    Perhaps your company is moving to new premises? Perhaps the business has been forced to close their IT department in favour of remote IT support? Maybe you have inherited the IT assets of another company during a merger? Maybe your method of working needs to change in the current ‘new normal’? Perhaps you ned to review a specific element of your IT readiness, like cybersecurity, to fulfil the requirements of a new contract?

    There are many legitimate business reasons a company might need to inspect their IT infrastructure.

    From commissioning us to perform your audit we’ll schedule it into our workflow, then it usually takes 2-14 days depending on the size of your business and the volume of your assets. It also depends upon your requirements and any specific business goals and objectives.

    it is a time consuming process, which is why we recommend it’s done externally to save your IT department time and the extra workload – much as one would use a firm of financial specialists to perform a financial business audit.

    As an IT consultancy with many years in the business, we’ve learnt to be flexible.

    There’s a lot we can do remotely with analytical software and by speaking directly to your IT team, but sometimes we will need visit your premises to review specific equipment or anything that’s not connected to your network, and to physically check out best practices on-site. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you can accomplish your future business goals.

    Yes, we can. We’re often asked for specific appraisals of business functions like networking, cybersecurity, systems and applications, internal corporate communications, remote working readiness, management of IT and enterprise architecture, crisis readiness or with a view to preparing a business for a specific change or challenge. Maybe you want to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team or want to update your warehousing stock-tracking practices for sales online?

    There may be some dependencies in other areas that are hindering improvement, but we’ll try to identify those for you as well.

    Certainly. We have experience across the full spectrum of IT support services. We offer solutions for cloud computing, networks, 24/7 helpdesk support, data centre management, Microsoft Exchange or SQL server support, team training and much, much, more.

    We can work within a specific budget to give you a fixed-priced one-off service, or operate as your entire IT department for an ongoing monthly retainer.

What next?

Recognising the links and dependencies between applications, programmes, your team, and your infrastructure is crucial in providing effective solutions for a modern business. An IT audit offers the chance to discover any business vulnerabilities before they become real problems. A thorough IT assessment reveals those potential business improvements that are critical as companies change, grow and have to adapt to new ways of working.

deeserve are able to offer tailored IT solutions based on over a decade of experience working with businesses both large and small and we’re here to help businesses in the East Midlands and across the UK. If you think your company would benefit from an IT audit, get in touch with our team. We’re here to help.

Call us on 01509 808586 or e-mail us on [email protected] to find out more.

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