Managed Colocation

Our fully managed colocation services make use of data centres across the UK, to securely house your servers and network equipment.

Data Centre Services – Managed Colocation

We offer a comprehensive range of data centre services, packaged as a fixed monthly cost according to your bespoke requirements, including design, installation, on-going support, management and advanced pro-active monitoring. You own the equipment, we manage it for you.

  • Fully Managed

    We manage everything for you – from design of a solution and installation of equipment to the data centre, to on-going support. As a fully managed service, you get all of the benefits of owning your own servers, storage, and network equipment, without the overhead of managing the data centre services day-to-day.

  • Redundant Transit and Bandwidth

    Whether you need a single link or two for failover, we can supply the best solution to suit you. Maybe you don’t know how to make use of multiple links? We can help design a network for you that makes maximum use of the resources available – for example, by deploying redundant firewalls and switches.

  • Server Support

    We can design, install, maintain and/or upgrade your server(s) that are hosted within our data centre racks. We can also proactively monitor them for you, ensuring everything is running as it should day and night – whether that’s CPU usage or failed hardware alerts that need responding to.

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  • Supply of Equipment

    Many people make the move to a data centre solution by designing and installing a new solution. We partner with multiple vendors, and as such, can design and supply suitable equipment to suit you. Whether you need new servers, new switches, or new firewalls, we have experience of installing equipment to suit a data centre environment.

  • Advanced Monitoring

    deeserve can help you design a system that is redundant and hopefully problem free. But, if anything as much as slows down, we can fix them before they impact your day-to-day operations by making use of our advanced monitoring solution. Even in calm waters, we remain diligent, avoiding any potential storms ahead.

  • Redundant Power Options

    Our racks can provide single or dual power feeds. With the majority of servers being able to make use of redundant power supplies, we can provide power from two separate distribution units. And, all of our power ports are fully remote switchable (we can turn things “off and on again” from the comfort of our desks).

  • Network Support

    We can design, install, set up and/or upgrade your network keeping your network online. Depending on your requirements, we can help design, install, and support a suitable firewall and switching solution, that’s all hosted within our data centre racks. We know what works well in a data centre environment.

  • Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

    Some networks cannot go offline – and if they do, the business impact is massive. For those type of solutions, we can design and implement a multi data centre solution, making use of two or more facilities – for example, the primary site may be in London with a secondary site in Manchester. We can help design and manage any interconnecting links – in some cases, you may not even know that servers aren’t next to each other!

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