Technical Services

As official partners of HP, Microsoft, Cisco and WatchGuard, we’re excellently positioned to offer the most competitive and relevant hardware and software solutions tailored to your business needs.

What We Do

Even the best-staffed IT department needs back-up whether it’s fixed-term partnering on specialist projects or ongoing server/network management.

Our server support spans everything from routine maintenance to full scale migration over to a virtual environment. Combine this with our in-depth network support and the result is maximum uptime and maximum performance.

deeserve offer all this, together with a unique monitoring service that alerts us to any critical issues with your hardware and enables us to take action before it affects business operation.

A streamlined and well managed IT infrastructure will stop lost revenue by eliminating down time. Just as importantly it will deal with planned and unplanned customer traffic spikes. We believe that your IT should seamlessly facilitate growth (what ever form that may take).

IT Support Services

We can install, maintain and/or upgrade your Microsoft or Linux server(s). We also proactively monitor them for you, to ensure that everything is running as it should day and night.

  • Server Support

    From ad hoc projects to ongoing, proactive support contracts, deeserve can plug into your department any time to provide specialist server management for Microsoft or Linux servers, on-site or remotely.

    • Fixed price for one-off projects or monthly contracts
    • Comprehensive, proactive service
    • Continual, advanced monitoring
    • Routine maintenance
    • Configuration changes
    • Problem solving (uncommon in deeserve-built systems) remotely or on-site
    • Project work: Microsoft network and Linux server updates/hardware refreshes
    • Server software assistance
    • Virtualisation: Increase server density, decrease power requirements and eliminate replacement costs by moving your existing server to a virtual environment. deeserve can support and manage your migration to Microsoft Hyper-V based networks.
    • Comprehensive Microsoft Exchange Server Support
    • Comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server Support
  • Advanced IT Monitoring

    Proactive, 24/7 and customised to your systems.

    The way deeserve designs its systems makes them inherently problem-free. Reconfigurations are completed as a matter of course too – one less thing for you to worry about. Further peace of mind comes courtesy of our unique monitoring service.

    • Proactive, not reactive: Rather than addressing a problem after it arises, our monitoring platform allows engineers to spot potential issues in advance, respond very quickly and avoid downtime.
    • 24/7 alerts and response: so a deeserve engineer is on the case within seconds if your server or network needs attention.
    • Performance monitoring: highlights any connectivity issues in real-time, including switch links, network routes, device load, and availability.
    • Our climate monitoring services offer a wide range of protection; temperature, humidity, water, intruder and video surveillance can all be built in.
    • Synthetic and passive monitoring of applications, website, mail servers and databases. So we can provide support for the whole business process rather than just a single element.
  • IT Equipment

    We’re official HP, Microsoft, Cisco and WatchGuard partners, giving us unbeatable knowledge of all the latest software and hardware systems on the market.

  • Cisco Support

    Product expertise, audits, infrastructure and support.
    deeserve offer fixed-price, comprehensive, proactive Cisco Support contracts. And this being deeserve, agreements are carefully designed and organisation-specific.   Read More

  • Network Support

    deeserve have broad working knowledge across the whole spectrum of networking equipment.

    Whether you need ground-up network design and installation or a network refresh, deeserve help keep the core of your IT operations running to its full potential. The result maximum uptime and maximum performance.

    • Experience and partnership agreements with multiple vendors, including Cisco , HPE Aruba Networking (was ProCurve) , and WatchGuard.
    • Ground-up network design, network add-ons or network refreshes, including equipment supply and warranties
    • Fully comprehensive, standard business hours or 24/7 support contracts
    • Fast, remote help or on-site visits whenever required
    • Proactive, 24/7 custom monitoring for WAN links, VPN availability, switch activity, router load, firewalls, wireless controllers and many other connectivity issues.
  • Managed Hosting

    Full server planning, installation and maintenance for a single managed server or your entire infrastructure in our datacentre environment. deeserve use state-of-the-art UK data centres: with redundant power, redundant internet feeds, high-level security, cooling, and fire suppression; all in private deeserve racks:

    • Advanced network infrastructure: your servers are always available for critical services
    • Fully managed service: with 24/7 monitoring using in-house tools to track and rectify problems immediately
    • Complex hosting: we can design and implement any requirement from just one or two servers to multiple server farms, including load-balanced solutions, geographically disperse server farms, and off-site failover
    • Cost savings: by migrating your internal server to a hosted server farm, your business saves on power, support and equipment outlays
    • Happy customers: Every second your website or email servers let you down, you let your clients down. That can mean thousands in lost revenue every year. A deeserve system is designed to make downtime a thing of the past.
    • Can be served from the deeserve Cloud
  • IT Consultancy

    Working closely with your team to build up an in-depth understanding of business needs, maximising IT spend and ensuring that technology updates/additions make a real difference on the ground.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Detailed advance planning and support in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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We offer a comprehensive range of IT services to suit all businesses - from "helpdesk"-style IT support to data centre hosting services.

Proactive IT Systems

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  • Microsoft
  • Hp
  • WatchGuard
  • cisco.

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