Volta: Central London’s Most Resilient Data Centre

When downtime isn’t an option, choose Volta. deeserve exclusively manages racks at Central London’s most resilient data centre, with a 100% power uptime record.

Volta: Central London’s Most Resilient Data Centre

Run your mission-critical operations from the most resilient data centre in Central London. deeserve’s Volta data centre solution gives your business global reach – with ultra-low latency, scalable bandwidth and a 100% power uptime service level agreement as standard. deeserve exclusively manages racks at Volta, for our Private Cloud and Managed Colocation services.

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  • When Data Centre Downtime isn’t an Option – Choose Volta

    Volta was established in 2013, at an exclusive, standalone site on Great Sutton Street. Since opening, it has had a 100% power uptime record – giving it an enviable reputation in the UK and internationally for Private Cloud and Managed Colocation services. This makes it the most uncompromising data centre option for businesses and organisations that cannot tolerate downtime.

    Volta can guarantee performance because of the unique combination of power provision and network diversity facilitated by a Central London location.

    Volta’s award-winning performance is rooted in two separate, diverse 33kV power supplies, connected to London’s modernised power network – as well as diverse data connectivity from multiple entry points to the building.

    In the unlikely event of a total power network failure, a double-redundant, 6,000kW uninterrupted power supply with a five minute crossover is engaged. From there, fully fueled generators and a 24/7 refuelling contract will keep Volta and its clients running indefinitely, until the network is restored.

    Volta’s power and connection security is further enhanced by a formidable on-site security detail. A highly trained team of security personnel patrols Volta 24 hours a day; constant, vigilant monitoring and advanced security systems ensure that only authorised access is possible.

    deeserve exclusively manages and operates hardware at Volta – giving our customers bespoke solutions for Private Cloud and Managed Colocation, with Volta’s 100% power uptime service level agreement.

  • Central London Data Centre with Global Reach

    As a Central London data centre, Volta holds a few key advantages for demanding and mission-critical IT solutions – including compliance with national regulations on data storage and security (including GDPR).

    Volta’s location among London’s most dense, diverse and well-connected data transmission lines means that local and international connectivity is lightning-fast.

    And a central location near your company’s London headquarters or satellite office grants your team 24/7 access to your hardware, meaning upgrades, alterations and maintenance can be carried out at any time. Volta is located in Zone 1, with excellent public and private transport links.

  • Performance Assured, with Unrivalled Support

    deeserve provides our data centre customers with full support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – matching the customer service level at Volta. With our ongoing monitoring and performance analysis, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever encounter any problems with your installation at the Volta data centre before we’ve fixed it. But if any issues do arise, our response will be immediate and effective.

    With deeserve, total peace of mind is only a phone call away.

  • Volta Data Centre Technical Specifications

  • Building

    Zone 1, Central London location on Great Sutton Street
    Standalone, dedicated data centre
    91,000 square feet of floor space over 4 data floors
    4 IT zones
    550kg/m² maximum floor load capacity
    300mm maximum raised access floor height
    2.5 metres raised floor to ceiling height
    Goods lift with 1.5 tonnes maximum load

  • Power

    132kV utility supply with N+N redundancy
    Utility power supply capacity of 46MVA (current)
    Technical (IT) power and mechanical systems supplied by on-site Diesel Rotary UPS with N+2 redundancy
    Fully diverse power distribution to technical areas
    On-site fuel storage to support 48 hours at full capacity with 24x7x365 fuel delivery
    Offering 2,000 W/m2 as standard, with higher power density solutions fully supported

  • Connectivity

    Carrier Neutral
    20+ diverse entry points
    2 dedicated Meet Me Rooms

  • Cooling

    8.3MW maximum cooling capacity
    Row-based cooling system
    N+1 cooling redundancy

  • Security

    24/7/365 access
    Proximity card access control
    Time and date stamp
    Highly trained on-site security, with 24/7 patrols
    HD CCTV throughout, with 90 days on-site archiving

  • Fire Detection and Suppression

    High sensitivity smoke detection system (VESDA)
    Water mist and IG55 fire suppression system

  • Control and Accreditation

    Building Management System (BMS)
    Cabinet Monitoring System (CMS)
    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    Quality management: ISO 9001
    Environmental monitoring: ISO 14001
    Information security management system: ISO 27001: 2013
    Health and Safety performance monitoring: OHSAS 18001
    Cable management
    Customer support
    24/7 on-site mechanical and electrical services

  • Be Part of Volta – Central London’s Most Resilient Data Centre

    When downtime isn’t an option, choose a custom designed data centre solution from deeserve – at the Volta data centre. Your installation at Volta will be built with elite-level hardware, exclusive to your business.

    Want to know more? Let’s talk about what your business can achieve with an installation at Volta.
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