Equinix MI6 Miami: Purpose-built Data Centre

deeserve exclusively owns and manages racks at the MI6 data centre in Miami, Florida, giving UK businesses data residency at a key strategic location.

Equinix MI6: Purpose-built Data Centre

Expanding operations into America? Give your business the advantage – with a Private Cloud installation at a world-class US data centre. deeserve exclusively owns and manages hardware at the MI6 data centre in Miami, a key strategic site for expanding UK companies. Benefit from unrivalled latency thanks to close ties with submarine cables, and give your business full compliance and data residency in new markets.

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  • Why Choose MI6 as Your International Data Centre?

    MI6 – not to be confused with the UK’s secret intelligence service – is no ordinary data centre.

    Located in the USA, at the heart of an international data hub, and purpose-built with sustainability and resilience in mind, this data centre offers growing UK-based businesses a gateway into new territories.

    Miami is a strategic location in the USA; home to the NAP of the Americas (NOTA). This is the primary internet exchange point between Latin America, the United States and Europe.

    Data centres in Miami offer unrivalled performance and connectivity to global markets – and MI6 is chief among them. This particular data centre was chosen as our partner due to its prime location and remarkable resilience – but above all, it’s MI6’s unparalleled connectivity between the Americas and the UK that gives it an advantage.

    MI6 runs on Equinix’s IBX platform of data centres, which all hold a wealth of certifications for resilience, business continuity, sustainability, data security and compliance.

    deeserve doesn’t just sell rack space at MI6 – we exclusively own and operate the hardware we install at this US data centre for our UK customers. You’ll get a custom-designed Private Cloud solution at MI6 to help your business reach new markets faster, with total compliance and data security.

  • Miami is an Unmatched Data Centre Location

    1525 NW 98th Court, International Corporate Park, Doral, Florida.

    It might not be the most glamorous address in the world – but it’s got all the right connections.

    Miami is ranked one of the top-five most connected cities in the world, and it’s a key convergence point for submarine cable systems. This gives data centres in Miami some of the fastest, most secure routes to global markets for UK businesses.

    MI6 provides the lowest possible latency connection between Central, South America and the USA – as well as the fastest route to Europe and the UK. This gives companies based in the UK an ideal hub from which to expand operations.

    Importantly, you’ll gain data residency and compliance with local businesses when handling highly sensitive and confidential data. A deeserve installation at MI6 gives you total confidence, while giving you local performance at international scale.

  • Relax – Your Data’s Safe, Night and Day

    MI6 was built to survive. It stands well above the floodplain, with redundancies for mains power from two independent utility feeds. This is connected by uninterrupted power supplies to overkill levels of backup generator support.

    The building itself is highly secure, with trained officers on site 24 hours a day. Nobody can access the facility without authorisation, and CCTV keeps a record of everything for 90 days.

    Florida is a notoriously hot and humid place, which would present a challenge to any ordinary data centre – but MI6 houses a huge, N+2 redundant DX (direct expansion) cooling system. This precisely controls temperature and humidity, while consuming less power. In fact, MI6 carries ISO 14001 certification for sustainability among its long list of credentials.

    On top of the site’s built-in safety measures, deeserve provides customers with full support – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and so does the MI6 data centre. So, you’ll always have someone to help, no matter what time zone you’re in.

  • International Private Cloud Solutions

    Need an international Private Cloud solution? Your business deserves deeserve. Our scalable Private Cloud services run on custom, dedicated hardware, installed by us in person at MI6. Get everything you need at a fixed, all-inclusive monthly cost.

    Choose a Private Cloud Installation at MI6 for:

    Data residency in USA
    Low latency connection to North, Central and South America
    High security, resilience and business continuity
    The latest IT infrastructure, without costly overhauls of owned equipment
    Scale up as required
    Ongoing support

  • MI6 Data Centre Technical Specifications

  • Purpose-built Structure

    Single-storey, tilt-up concrete panels over steel
    Built well above the 500-year base flood elevation
    Total available space: 75,043 square feet (6,972 square metres)
    Raised raised floor, with 250 psf (11.97 kN/m2) load capacity
    Free car park

  • Power

    Average power and cooling density – 3.0 to 5.0 kVA per cabinet
    2 independent utility feeders
    Uninterrupted power supply with isolated redundancy (N+1)
    Backup power from two systems – each with 2 x 2,000 kW diesel generators, for backup power redundancy of 2 x (N+1)

  • Cooling

    Air-cooled DX, CRACs
    Cooling redundancy N+2

  • Fire Suppression

    Non-aspirated (duct/ceiling-mount)
    Double-interlocked pre-action (dry pipe)

  • Connectivity Highlights

    Access to submarine telecommunications cable system
    Lowest latency route to Brazil and direct access to and from Brazilian markets through Monet subsea system, via a local cable landing station

  • Security

    Physical security monitoring and centralised control
    Valid ID and access authority required
    Proximity access cards issued only to authorised personnel
    Security officers are present on site, 24/7
    CCTV surveillance – all footage kept for 90 days

  • Be Where Your Customers Are – with the MI6 Data Centre

    Get an individually designed data centre solution, built for one business: yours. deeserve will source and install exclusive hardware that exactly matches your requirements at MI6, giving your business a physical presence in the US, Central, and South America.

    Want to know more? Let’s talk about what your business can achieve at the MI6 data centre. Call us on 01509 80 85 86 or send your message to [email protected].

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