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From bringing broadband to rural Spain to bringing the masses to UK theatres; from aviation to marriage relations – our client portfolio is as diverse as the services we offer. Here’s how we’ve added value to the businesses we work with.

Our Client’s Case Studies

Pushing the boundaries of IT support

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge Logo

For Trent Bridge we’ve built a system which is scalable and adaptable to accommodate match day spikes in activity. Activity spikes are not uncommon in other sectors we work in so our engineers know exactly how to deal with it.

Trent Bridge is the world’s third-oldest Test ground – an eclectic mix of quaint and cutting-edge. With nearly two centuries of success behind it – with deeserve’s help – this historic venue is building a future that’s as rich, interesting and innovative as all that’s gone before it.

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Revving up Customer Delight



Sportsbikeshop started out in a spare bedroom and just 10 years on they’re the UK’s fastest growing retailer of motorcycle clothing and accessories. Their secret – continually delivering customer delight.

It’s easy to make promises about customer service – but quite another thing to deliver on those promises time after time after time. With 30,000 items in stock and 250,000 customers across Europe it means you need robust infrastructure and expert technical back up to ensure all those customers stay delighted.

deeserve built Sportsbikeshop’s network from scratch and provide high level network support to in house IT staff. This covers the smooth running of all network communication for data (PCs and servers), phones, wireless devices and firewalling.

Bulletproof WiFi is essential because the new 25,000 sq ft facility uses state-of-the-art automated picking trucks that guide themselves around the warehouse using GPS.

But it doesn’t end there. deeserve’s sophisticated monitoring systems mean that problems can be anticipated before they happen – so those things which impact the all important customer service are in safe hands.

And it’s completely scaleable too which is crucial to maintaining service levels for a company forecast to quadruple sales within the next 2 years.


Turbulence-free IT

ACC Aviation

ACC Aviation

Whether you’re an airline or an individual, ACC Aviation are the chaps to go to if you need a plane. You can charter or lease one; sell or remarket your existing aircraft or talk to them about flight management.

It goes without saying that a business like ACC deals with some seriously important individuals and companies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If their IT lets them down, they may have to let their customers down: and the knock-on effects of that could run into £millions in lost business revenue.

As ACC’s trusted IT partners, deeserve deliver a package of full network and server management, off-site backup and remote IT support for ACC’s 35 staff.

Whatever issues need to be addressed whether an employee’s printer settings have gone awry or a server is overheating as a result of faulty air-conditioning we’re straight on the case. And if that means responding to an alert at 3am on a Sunday, so be it.


Where time stands still, technology can’t

Dumfries House, The Prince’s Foundation

Dumfries House Logo

Think beautiful stately home and 2000 acre estate – and high spec IT solutions are probably not the first thing that spring to mind. But business is business. And deeserve’s technology works seamlessly in the background to make sure all the diverse aspects of the estate’s business work in harmony.

The House has been described as an 18th century time-capsule and is one of the reasons it was bought by a consortium headed by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Since deeserve were asked by Dumfries House to carry out an initial technical audit they’ve been an integral part of the business. Server monitoring and support are central to their work along with continual technical back up for the whole estate.

Indeed this historical home may look wonderfully ancient, but it’s business capabilities are now anything but. It means the staff can get on with running their individual specialisms without wasting valuable time on technical issues.

Beauty and practicality – Dumfries House now has both.


Pioneering service for a pioneering school

North London Collegiate School

North London Collegiate School Logo

The North London Collegiate School (NLCS) is set in 30 acres of grounds in London, forming the hub of a unique institution with connections across the globe. There is an annual teaching programme at NLCS’s partner school in Zambia, a sister school in South Korea and all in all there are 50 languages spoken across campus.

Email is crucial to the school’s communications with the in-house technical team forming the first and second lines of support. For more challenging issues or those which fall outside normal working hours – deeserve provide the all important 3rd line.

We look after the the school’s Microsoft Exchange email server providing cover 24/7. In these days of email on mobile devices any problems are soon noticed by users. So it’s vital that we provide cover outside of school hours, at weekends and during the school holidays.

The school has a pioneering spirit which resonates from its founder to the pupils who have gone on to set milestones in diverse fields such as: engineering, the Royal Navy, entertainment, fashion, and poetry.

We believe that technology at its best should be invisible and enabling – a pioneering approach in a sector renowned for impenetrable technobabble.


Behind-the-scenes support

Theatre Sites

Theatre Sites Ltd

For 10 years, Theatre sites have been keeping the biggest names in UK theatre online. Their job – to ensure their clients’ websites look great and work quickly and smoothly: even during the huge peaks in traffic generated when a major show goes on sale.

Theatre Sites asked deeserve to manage, design and implement a bespoke server system: one that ensures no site goes down or slows down. Ever.

For Theatre Sites’ customers, this is a crucial promise. As little as a 0.2 second delay can have a devastating knock-on effect, slowing down the rate at which pages load and in some cases, crashing them. And in the case of these businesses, lost time is lost money. Boooo!

Thankfully since deeserve came onto the scene, Theatre Sites’ client’s homepages have never gone down. And when you’ve got up to 50,000 people trying to access your site at once, that’s pretty important.


A relationship built on communication

The Spark

The Spark

The Spark is a relationship counselling service with 15 centres across Scotland. The sensitive nature of their business makes email an incredibly important form of communication, so they need their system to work intelligently to filter spam. In their pre-deeserve days, The Spark experienced a lot of problems with junk mail it was clogging inboxes and taking valuable time to sort through and delete.

As well as installing a sophisticated new firewall, we now proactively monitor the organisation’s traffic to prevent The Sparks’s outgoing emails being blacklisted by external companies and ensuring that mail reaches its recipient every time. Now, no one gives email a second thought because it just works: just how we designed it.


Scalable IT support for a company on the up

Perspektiv Group


Perspektiv is a direct marketing group with a growing customer base. They needed to work with an IT partner that would find scalable solutions based on the needs of their business not a one-size-fits-all solution wrapped up in tecchy jargon.

After a merger, we helped them lay the foundations for good IT practices in future, building a server and network system from the ground-up and documenting a disaster-recovery plan to minimise downtime and data-loss in the event of untoward circumstances.


Bringing broadband to rural Spain


Rio Sat

Rural Andalucia is somewhat lacking in broadband. In fact, before Riosat set up, there was none. Not ideal in today’s web-centric world. Riosat’s initial project was significant they had to set up masts and even install their own energy substation using wind and solar to power the ISP. After making such a huge investment, Riosat needed to build a name for themselves one built on trust and brilliant broadband provision across the local area.

To ensure their customers received reliable service at all times, Riosat commissioned deeserve to plan and design a new router system for their ISP. We also provide ongoing IT support from our Leicestershire offices, whenever we’re needed: proof that even the remotest support is anything but remote.

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