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Microsoft 365 is simple to use, but sometimes businesses need backing with migration or general support. deeserve offer a full range of IT support and helpdesk services, which includes being there for companies who need Microsoft 365 assistance.

Previously known as Office 365, we offer full Microsoft 365 support for your business.

Microsoft 365 is simple to use, but sometimes businesses need backing with migration or general support. deeserve offer a full range of IT support and helpdesk services, which includes being there for companies who need Microsoft 365 assistance.

  • What is Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 offers a subscription-based package containing a collection of well-known business programs and applications like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. It also contains outstanding business collaboration tools and services like Teams, Forms, OneNote, Flow, OneDrive for Business, and Power BI. It works as a complete office solution for business, streamlining departments by putting everything you need for business comms and operations on to your company computer.
    With familiar applications and new services with familiar elements, it is a secure, robust, intelligent and adaptable office solution that requires little staff training and affords improved company communication and collaboration.

    Microsoft (or Office) 365 has all the familiar Microsoft programs but with the added advantages of Cloud integration. Your staff have the freedom to share files and to work from almost anywhere – critically important in todays modern world.

  • How can we help?

    As Microsoft Cloud solution providers we offer a complete end-to-end to service. We help businesses make the most of their Microsoft 365 subscription. This includes email migration, secure Microsoft 365 configuration, plus billing and licencing management.
    Sometimes businesses can need IT support with Microsoft 365, especially in migration and setup. As accredited Microsoft Partners, our expert IT support team can offer your company a specialised and painless migration service to make sure you get up and running on Microsoft 365 with the minimum amount of fuss and downtime. We’re here to help.
    Whatever the size of your business, large or small, our Microsoft 365 support team have the experience to make sure that your business migration is easy and hassle-free.

    Every company is different, and our deeserve Microsoft support team have a decade of commercial experience in providing custom solutions for companies large and small.

  • Access your files from everywhere

    One big advantage of Microsoft 365 is that it lets a business store their documents, securely, in the cloud.

    The phrase “cloud computing” is on everyone’s lips these days. Put simply, it just means saving and retrieving programmes and files over the Internet as opposed to from your computer’s hard drive.
    This means your workforce can access their data on any device, on the go, from any site or location with an Internet connection. This is invaluable for sales teams, across multiple locations, during home working, for agents, or in-the-field. It makes working on multiple devices a piece of cake.

  • Working Smarter, together

    Microsoft 365 is a unified and insightful decentralised solution for business collaboration – for companies large and small – meaning staff can work together and work smarter with team mates from across their desk or from across the world.

    Microsoft Teams affords an all-in-one space to run projects, to smooth communications, to share files and information, to chat, to plan, even to manage tasks and build wiki’s of essential project data. We even use it ourselves! Operating busy IT helpdesks with multiple clients and multiple requirements, we use Microsoft Teams to keep our IT support teams abreast on what’s changed or what’s needed since they last logged in. It is an integral part of the smooth running of our Microsoft 365 support team.

  • Safe and secure

    Cybersecurity has become more and more important for business, and an area in which we consistently offer advice and perform security upgrades, patches, and advice for our clients.
    Microsoft 365 offers the added benefits of multi-factor authentication, adding a layer of protection to the log in process – critical when using services like this across multiple devices and with multiple users. It offers advanced threat protection across multiple mobile devices as well as an outstanding system of email encryption.

  • For your eyes only

    In Microsoft 365 it is also possible to limit the numbers of users with admin privileges, allowing eligible staff to request admin privileges from administrators (like ourselves) when needed. This means documents can be ‘confidential’ and offers a trail of accountability. Azure AD, with Azure Identity Protection that’s a part of Microsoft 365, even offers the use of machine learning to understand how your staff work, so you can identify unusual activity.

  • Familiar applications and software

    For PC based software, from Word to Excel, Microsoft 365 offers the full range of business solutions as part of their subscription model. Using common applications that staff know and trust means easy integration into your business. Having the most up to date versions and software means easy compliance with your clients and customers systems.

  • You get what you pay for

    Microsoft 365 is billed by the user, monthly, similar to a subscription service model. The level of functionality you require for your business dictates the cost of your licence. Obviously, a business’s requirement can change month by month, but that’s one of the many ways in which we can help.

    We can take over the management and responsibilities of licencing and billing on your behalf. Licences are bought and transferred to your staff without you having to do all the paperwork and assignments. If you need a new member of staff adding or a member of staff leaves, we can reassign licences with only a phone call to our 24/7 IT support team. Keeping up to date with functionality levels and individual licence needs can save you money and business resources.

  • What does your business need to get started with Microsoft 365?

    Call us to find out more. If you need help with your Microsoft or Office 365 migration or would like to book an audit of your systems to find out what level of licencing you require, please give us a call on 01509 808586 or email us on [email protected].

    We’re always happy to help.

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