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Server support is a critical part of the set-up, maintenance, stability and management of a businesses IT infrastructure.

Our Server Support Solutions

Any 21st century business is dependent on the integrity of its servers, be they Active Directory domain controllers, mail servers, web servers, file servers, database servers or whatever. Any disruptions or outages can cause a break in efficiency and (as a result) profitability. Our mission, should your business network have problems or go down for whatever reason, is to have it identify the problem and have them up and running again as soon as possible.

We offer a proactive and comprehensive 24/7 IT support service designed to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date, running smoothly and virus-free. We monitor for and address problems before they occur – our ongoing analysis of server event logs can detect problems before they cause network issues – to make sure our clients businesses continue to operate efficiently and uninterrupted.

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  • Our expert team

    We know that employing an in-house IT specialist to provide the required level of server support isn’t always an option and only a viable solution if your company is large enough for it to be financially affordable and if they have the time and specialist knowledge to address server support issues and monitoring. Our IT support team has over ten years’ experience in offering around-the-clock specialist server support. Our aim is to provide cost effective and expert proactive maintenance that provides the real peace of mind that someone is regularly caring for your business network.

  • Minimising server problems

    Employees who work on servers that are slow or prone to outages will have their work interrupted, lose valuable time and have their productivity reduced. Outdated server software can have a negative effect on efficiency, output, and morale. Working in a server-based environment is supposed to solve business problems, not cause them. Our proactive server monitoring and supervised workstation standardisation minimises potential problems.

  • Hardware Support

    Taking care of the hardware side of server support is just as important as monitoring and installing software. We maintain all physical elements of our client’s business servers. This includes the physical casing, plus the server’s internal workings, like hard drives, cooling systems, memory, and motherboards. Should any issues arise with your server infrastructure, our server IT support team will solve the problem.

  • Software support

    Operating system server software support includes the maintenance, upgrades, and installation of any software as it is needed. As an example, Microsoft critical security updates need to be applied at least once a month and firewall, spyware and virus protection should be regularly reviewed and kept up-to-date against unwanted intrusion.

  • Ongoing optimisation

    If your server speed begins to fall, so does the productivity of your business. Ongoing daily use of workstations and servers by your staff commonly create random network issues that require identification and attention. Making the most of your servers means management of things such as hard drive resources to prevent storage issues and (ultimately) server crashes. Systematic optimisation of servers and workstations increase speed and business efficiency.

  • Crisis support

    Experience has shown us that management of backup status and data testing is critical to document recovery should the unthinkable happen. Should it happen, our server support team are on hand to get our customers back up and running as soon as possible.

    If there ever is a problem or if data is lost or damaged, we’re here to offer our help and expertise to get your business files restored quickly and seamlessly.

  • Our Server Support FAQ

    Need to know more? We’re often asked some of the follow questions about our deeserve business server support offering, so here’s a few answers. If you have any more questions, please give us a call.

All our clients are different, but we know that a predictable monthly budget and support minimises technical and financial and technical surprises. This really does depend on your servers, level of service and general requirements. We’re happy to perform and IT audit and offer you a quote. We promise a fixed price each month, with no surprises.

We can install, maintain, support and upgrade your Microsoft Windows Servers, including services such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and IIS.

We can also offer Linux support from Apache HTTP Server to MySQL. We have dedicated experts on staff – the right people for each server-type and language.

Yes, we can, and our help desk team is here when you need us for all your server support queries and services. We can monitor server(s) and, if needed, there’s always one of our team on call twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes national holidays or whatever shifts you operate (if, for example, your own server support team is covering your business 9-5 and you want out-of-hours support). 

Certainly. We’re very busy so we do ask that make an appointment, but we’re based centrally in the heart of the East Midlands, at Normanton on Soar. We’re always happy to sit down and talk about your server support needs and to discuss your business requirements. 

Absolutely. We are regularly on-site for our client’s physical server maintenance needs, and it’s often a critical part of our work. We are always happy to be as hands on as you need us to be – regularly visiting to repair and fit new hardware, attend face-to-face planning meetings or to offer personal client support. 

Our expert, nation-wide, IT support team offer 365 days-a-year server support for UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve decades of server support experience. If you have any further queries please reach out on 01509 808586 or e-mail us on [email protected] to talk about your business needs. We’re happy to offer our advice.

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