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We are UK Cloud Service Providers who make Cloud business solutions easy. From cloud backup services to complete cloud business solutions, we have you covered.

We are UK Cloud Service Providers who make Cloud business solutions easy

  • “What do you want to achieve?”

    We make it easy. We know that no two businesses are the same. You tell us what your business wants to achieve and our specialist cloud IT support team will design it with you.

    Do you want to save money on software licences and replacing outdated equipment? Do you want to backup your business data safely to the cloud? Does everyone in your company want access to enterprise-class technology? Are you an SME who wants to act faster than your larger competitors? Do you need a pay-as-you-go service so you only pay for what you need? Do you want to start Live Streaming video or boost the performance of your web site and hosting? Do you want to protect yourself against cybercrime? Do you want to modernise your systems but stay lean and nimble? Do you want your team to collaborate more or make the most of CRM tools?

    Once your cloud-based solution is designed, we’ll implement it on our deeserve cloud and support it around the clock. We continue to work with our cloud business customers to help them get the absolute best from their new systems.

  • deeserve Cloud Servers

    Opting for a deeserve cloud server solution means your business gets fully scalable server performance on our secure virtual machines. Cloud flexibility and our consultation, design, implementation and support service means your business can add dedicated resources as you need them, giving you the elasticity that large projects may require.

    Our Cloud Servers are designed to be as flexible as possible – as such, we offer a wide range of specifications (Storage, vCPU, RAM) as well as a wide range of operating system support (including Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 and Linux).

    We can build your Cloud infrastructure in line with your requirements, quickly and easily, and offer the best solutions and suggestions for what your business needs – now and in the future.

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  • Cloud Backup Services

    Cloud based backup solutions work in a similar way to traditional backup software, but there are no more clunky tape systems or on-site drives. Back up happens seamlessly, behind the scenes. Your data is accessible by you from anywhere, safe from fire, theft, malicious attacks, or human error. We offer professional data protection for all your business computers and servers including SQL and Exchange.

    A cloud backup solution offers outstanding peace of mind. Your important business data is transmitted securely and safely, stored off-site in our enterprise level data centre. Safe against cybercrime and accidental or malicious deletion.

    You only pay for as much server storage space as you need. If you need a little more, no problem. Not using your full allocation? We’ll cut back your service level for you until you need it. We’re only a phone call away.

  • Cloud IT Support

    Bolt on our comprehensive cloud IT support services, and you can be sure we’ll take care of your entire cloud network including backups and cloud servers. From server configuration changes to routine maintenance, our support services aim to offer a complete end-to-end solution from deployment to on-going management.
    Our IT support service isn’t just about fixing problems. Our cloud support engineers can be there for your business 365 days a year, around the clock, to monitor and maintain your systems and network across your organisation. We aim keep your network as secure as possible from potential cyber threats.

    We apply the latest security patches, ensure scalability, install requested applications and maintain your licences so that you don’t have to. Over a decade in the business means we have the expertise to keep your cloud services operating at peak efficiency.

  • Cloud Business Network Solutions

    Every infrastructure needs a network, and our cloud business solutions are no different. You will have at least one dedicated network for your cloud servers that works in the same way as a physical network does. Your own private subnet (IP addresses can be configured as you wish) allows communication between all of your cloud servers and cloud firewalls.

    Businesses today are turning to cloud network solutions to drive agility, improve collaboration, boost scale, deliver diversity and speed up their time-to-market. Cloud networking has become the defacto approach to serving the needs of the modern business – regardless of size – delivering consistent, persistent connectivity and security for your business data and applications. Our cloud business network solutions offer a firm foundation for all your future business needs.

  • Scalable and Adaptive

    As your business grows, so too will the need of your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud business solutions are scalable, and we can seamlessly upgrade your capacity as your requirements increase. We’ll grow and adapt to suit your new and changing demands – whether you need more processing power, more memory, or more storage, scaling up and scaling out has never been easier.

    We pride ourselves on being flexible and cost effective. Our cloud business customers only pay for what they are using. No more upfront costs in buying expensive equipment that could easily be out of date in only a few years.
    Our scalable cloud solutions offer convenience and flexibility. With just a phone call our cloud IT support team can customise your package to the needs of your business. We can save your own IT support department precious time by removing the time needed to setup physical hardware and install new systems, meaning they can focus on other tasks. If there are unexpected spikes in demand cloud scalability allows us to respond quickly. And your business is no longer tied down to outdated systems or equipment.

  • Monitoring Cloud-based Solutions

    It has never been more important to track patterns of performance. Taking advantage of our sophisticated deeserve monitoring platform means that all important metrics from your cloud network are reported and we are notified of any potential network issues, from individual cloud server CPU usage to external response times into the network from the Internet.

    Monitoring your cloud business solutions is a part of ensuring optimal performance and reduced costs. We monitor both cloud and on-premises infrastructure. When any problems or outages might occur, we aim to respond to them FAST – before they become a problem and affect your business or your customers experience.
    Our aim is to identify emerging issues and troubling patterns so that we can stop any minor issues from turning into actual problems.

  • Outstanding Flexibility

    Here at deeserve we believe in the tailor-made suit. We’re a smart bunch. We don’t want to fit into something that isn’t just right for us. We certainly don’t want you to either. This is why our bespoke, scalable packages are uniquely designed to fit the need of the business: Ensuring our Cloud works alongside existing technologies. One size does not fit all.

    If you’d like to know more and are thinking about cloud services for your business, call us on 01509 808586 or e-mail us on [email protected] to talk about your requirements. We’re here to help.

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