Private Cloud Solutions

Dedicated private cloud services, with 24/7 support, that can save your company money.
For private cloud, your business deserves deeserve.

Private Cloud Solutions, Tailored to Your Business

Our scalable private cloud services run on dedicated hardware. You’ll get 24/7 support, total security and lightning-fast speed; all at a fixed, all-inclusive monthly cost. When it comes to private cloud, your business deserves deeserve.

  • A Private Cloud Solution Made for One Business: Yours

    At deeserve, we don’t do “one-size-fits-all”. You’ll get a bespoke private cloud solution, with dedicated hardware assigned to your business – never shared, and never compromised. We design a solution around your business requirements, for a fast, seamless extension to your IT infrastructure, with quick and easy onboarding.

    Everything we do is completely customised to the way you work, and ready to scale up with you.


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  • All the Benefits of Public Cloud Services – but Just for You

    Our private cloud solutions are often provided at a lower monthly cost than public cloud services like AWS and Azure – especially for the most demanding computing and storage requirements. That means you get better performance, security and compliance, at a lower price.

    Unlike a public cloud service, deeserve’s private cloud solutions are tailor-made to meet your specific business goals. You’ll only ever pay for what you use; nothing more.

  • UK or US Data Centres

    Keep your data close and your auditors happy. Your dedicated private cloud hardware will be installed at leading UK or US data centres – depending on your requirements – for full regulatory and legal compliance. With on-site security detail and uninterrupted power supplies, our managed data centres are prepared for anything.

    As well as meeting compliance and governance benchmarks, you’ll have assured access, at your business-critical core hours and beyond.

  • Built for Speed

    Our London data centres offer an ultra-low latency (~1ms) internet connection, for access to services like Cloudflare and the wider web. And thanks to dedicated hardware, you’re able to allocate and prioritise resources as you see fit.

    We’ll design your private cloud solution with a specified bandwidth that suits your needs (starting at a minimum of dual 1Gb ports). You’ll never be capped, cut or compromised – with options to increase your bandwidth at any time.

  • Built for Resilience

    We believe in a world where there’s no such thing as downtime. Your private cloud will be built for the resilience you need, with multiple redundancies as standard – allowing operations to continue in any scenario.

    We can split your private cloud service across multiple data centres, for even more redundancy. With disaster recovery built-in, deeserve will support your business-critical operations when you need them most.

  • 24/7 Support. Iron-clad security. Total Peace of Mind

    You’re in safe hands, with deeserve’s friendly, knowledgeable support team – ready to help our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, not only do all of our data centres have a strict on-site physical security presence, they’re equipped with iron-clad firewalls and digital security measures, too.

    You’ll never have to worry about your private cloud again – but if you do, we’ll always be there to help.

  • Maintain Your Legacy Applications

    The way you do business always changes – but your legacy apps still need to run. Transfer your legacy applications to a private cloud-based virtual server, to support your operations without any modification required. You’ll have all the benefits of a modern cloud computing environment, and complete compatibility with your legacy services.

  • Always Monitored, Always Backed Up

    Our private cloud backup offers one of the most robust data contingency strategies in the world. Full backups can be made as frequently as once per hour. In the event of damage or deletion of your data (be it accidental or malicious), you’ll be able to revert to the most recent hourly backup – without missing a beat. Your confidential, sensitive and critical business data is transmitted over the most secure protocols, to be safely stored in multiple locations.

    But we don’t just wait for problems to happen. With deeserve’s proactive IT monitoring, we can diligently watch over your private cloud 24/7, 365 days a year – supporting your business with global operations, in and out of hours. We’ll actively ensure peak performance at all times, with the latest software and security updates installed immediately after they’re added to the whitelist.

  • Grows with Your Business

    Your business can become more agile, adopting the latest technology as it becomes available – without overhauling existing operations. And with deeserve’s flexibility, your private cloud can scale up as you grow. You’re always in complete control, ready to adapt to increased workloads and requirements of higher capacity.

  • All Hardware, Software and Support – at One All-inclusive Price

    Your business deserves deeserve. Our private cloud solutions are custom built, using elite-level, enterprise-class hardware, designed specifically for your business.

    Absolutely everything – from hardware and software, to support and monitoring – is included in a fixed, monthly price.

    Want to know more? Let’s talk about what your business can achieve with a tailor-made private cloud solution. Call us on 01509 80 85 86 or send your message to [email protected].

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