deeserve is now in the USA, installing Private Cloud solutions at the Equinix MI6 data centre in Miami

We’ve acquired space in the Equinix MI6 data centre in Miami, to deploy custom Private Cloud installations for our customers in the UK at a strategic site in the USA.

deeserve is now in the USA, installing Private Cloud solutions at the Equinix MI6 data centre in Miami

Installing a Private Cloud solution at a new data centre is always an exciting challenge – but that’s especially true for us right now. Because, for the first time, deeserve is building custom Private Cloud installations in the United States.

We’ve acquired space in Equinix MI6, a data centre in Miami – one of the world’s best-connected locations – to offer our customers full control over their international data.

UK-based businesses who want to expand their operations into North, Central and South American markets can now benefit from this data centre’s unique connectivity, and get a foothold in foreign markets – with enhanced performance and full data residency.

Learn why we chose Miami and the MI6 data centre as our ideal location.

Why We Chose MI6

At some point, we knew we’d expand into US markets, with a physical presence and hardware ownership on US soil. Our clients and customers are growing, and their needs are taking them overseas. We’d known this day was coming for a while now, and the process of finding a suitable partner has been long.

But it was well worth it.

Keeping our customers’ data and IT infrastructure safe is our biggest responsibility. So, when we’re expanding into unfamiliar, new territories, the anxieties around security and resilience can be massively amplified – and we just didn’t want those worries. Not for ourselves, and not for our customers.

After considerable research and due diligence, we selected Equinix as our US data centre partner, with MI6 in Miami as the first physical location for our inaugural Private Cloud installation in America.

MI6 offered us the best balance of flexibility, performance, and future scalability – with incredibly tight security and built-in resilience.

Above all, it was the location that set MI6 apart.

A Global Internet Junction on the US East Coast

Unlike the UK, the USA is a big old place. The sheer vastness of it made choosing a location to install our Private Cloud solutions one of the biggest challenges.

The US is home to thousands of data centres, many of which are world-class, purpose-built and of exceptionally high regard. And while there’s never a “best data centre”, picking the right one on balance for our customers’ needs was important.

Miami had a very clear performance advantage, though: it’s a vital convergence point of undersea data cables. It’s also home to the NAP of the Americas – the internet superhub that links Latin America, the United States and Europe.

NAP of the Americas is owned and operated by Equinix, and MI6, through Equinix’s other data centres in Miami, has direct access to this exchange point.

This means that we can offer ultra-low latency between the UK and North, Central, and South America. Our customers can scale operations not just to the USA, but to Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and beyond – with exceptional performance.

Data Residency, Compliance – and Security

The most important reason why we expanded our Private Cloud solutions into the USA was to enable data residency within the United States.

This allows financial, healthcare, military and educational organisations (among others) to adhere to the compliance requirements of their sector when handling sensitive data.

Of course, data residency for compliance’s sake doesn’t count for much if security is lacking, so we were reassured to find that MI6 offers some of the best security we’ve experienced.

Trained officers patrol and monitor the grounds 24/7, and physical access is only possible with an authorised proximity key card, after passing a checkpoint.

CCTV records and stores data for 90 days, and the health of the data centre is monitored constantly. Should anything go wrong (which is unlikely, given Equinix’s industry-leading uptime track record of over 99.9999%, globally), multiple redundancies keep the data centre operational in even the most dire circumstances.

Resilience? MI6 Keeps it Cool

As well as isolated, non-destructive fire suppression measures, MI6 employs an incredibly powerful cooling system to tackle the swampy heat of Miami’s monsoon climate – to keep everything cool at all times.

Because cooling is a priority in the heat and humidity of Florida, cooling is supported by two full backup systems, for a total redundancy of N+2.

In the highly unlikely event that both of the independent utility connections to the data centre fail, power is routed through a UPS (with one more failsafe UPS for good measure), while generators are triggered to start.

There are two independent backup power systems, each with two 2,000 kW diesel generators – for a total backup power redundancy of 2 x (N+1).

No matter what happens, MI6 is prepared to keep going.

Scale Up – to the USA, and Beyond

We wanted to be able to grow our presence in America for years to come – and with 75,043 square feet of total available space, MI6 will let us scale up rapidly in the Americas.

But this is really just the beginning.

We’re always evolving with our clients, and our first US data centre is a sign of things to come. Where to next? Watch this space…

Install a Custom Private Cloud Solution at a Flagship US Data Centre

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