deeserve Takes The 2023 Zipwire Challenge – watch the video

Our very own Darren Wilders took the Trent Bridge Zipwire Challenge, in aid of #Donate4Dementia. Watch the video, and see how much we’ve raised.

deeserve Takes The 2023 Zipwire Challenge – watch the video

Sunday 16th July 2023 is a date that will go down in deeserve history, as our very own Darren Wilders took the Trent Bridge Zipwire Challenge, in aid of #Donate4Dementia.

Covering the entire length of the ground, the zipwire hangs a tremble-inducing 25 metres (82 feet) above Trent Bridge – which might not sound a lot when you read it, but you really do notice it when you’re up there! On top of all that, the zipwire reaches a top speed of 40 mph at full tilt, which is a thrilling experience when you’re totally exposed, with nothing but a harness between you and the ground zipping by below.

We caught the whole thing on film for you to enjoy – check out this quickfire video on YouTube Shorts:

How much did we raise for #Donate4Dementia?

🎉 £640 🎉

Darren’s JustGiving page has so far raised £640 – 256% of his target. A huge thank you to everybody who got involved to support him, and well done Darren for taking on the challenge so the rest of us didn’t have to!

There’s still time to donate, and we’d love to see Darren’s target get totally smashed. Do you think we can get him past 300%?

The initiative is especially important this year, as the local council have now withdrawn funding to the cause. So if you can help with any contribution, big or small, then please head to Darren’s donation page, and support #Donate4Dementia.

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Let’s remind ourselves what all this is for. Because, while zipping through the air at 40 mph is pretty scary, it’s over almost as soon as it begins. Living with dementia is a different story.

Every day becomes disorienting, while the people and things you love slowly drift away from memory. Everyday tasks become harder and harder, until dementia eventually takes away your sense of self. It’s not a normal part of ageing – but there’s no specific disease which causes it. Alzheimer’s is the most common underlying cause of dementia, but brain injury and strokes are other common ways it can come about.

Carers tend to be family, like children and partners. And dementia care is exhausting, isolating, all-consuming work. When it’s someone you love, it’s extremely painful. Watching a loved one succumb to it is heartbreaking – like watching them fade away in slow motion.

Run by Forget Me Notts, #Donate4Dementia provides the funding for mentally and physically stimulating activities for those with dementia – and just as importantly, a support network for carers.

We’re proud to have been a part of this effort to raise funds and awareness for #Donate4Demetia. We hope to support Trent Bridge in all future efforts, working with the amazing charities that aid the cause.

Trent Bridge’s Trusted IT Service Provider

We support Trent Bridge with all things in IT service provision – as well as with their charity work. It has been a true honour to be part of their success, and their community work.

Learn more about the event, and how far the £30,000 raised will go towards delivering this vital support to people with dementia and their families.

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