How to Install a Private Cloud in the USA for a UK Business

From establishing your hardware, storage and networking needs, to shipping servers, to configuration and launch – we cover Private Cloud installations in the USA.

How to Install a Private Cloud in the USA for a UK Business

If you couldn’t tell, we’re huge advocates for Private Cloud solutions.

Private Clouds offer total control to IT infrastructure, without you having to build it from scratch.

They give you infinite customisability, just like an on-site server room. You get massive performance gains over Public Clouds, thanks to dedicated hardware. And all this with class-leading security, and flexible scalability that rivals all other types of IT infrastructure.

But Private Clouds have one more ace up their sleeves; a physical location. Unlike a Public Cloud, Private Clouds can be built in overseas territories, practically at will. And that’s what we’re going to cover here – specifically, installing a Private Cloud in the USA for a UK entity. Let’s start with the “why”.

Why do UK businesses need a Private Cloud in the USA?

There are so many advantages – but the clearest reason to use Private Clouds in the USA is your end-user.

Any UK-based business serving customers in the USA will be able to serve them faster and more reliably with a local connection. It’s just that simple. Transatlantic internet traffic introduces latency, and puts a major bandwidth burden on content delivery. Installing a Private Cloud locally can reduce this dramatically, give customers a better user experience, and attract more users to you.

Another key advantage to users? Data residency. Actually, this one’s important to your business, too.

Depending on the nature of what you do, and how sensitive the data you have on your customers is, your UK-run business may need to keep data stored physically within the US to comply with their laws. This keeps you compliant, but it also builds trust with users. They can feel safe knowing they’re not sending their data away into offshore territories, to be picked apart for nefarious reasons.

What else can a US-based Private Cloud do for a UK company?

Lower cost of entry to new business territories

Instead of opening an international office, installing an on-site server, and hiring an army of new employees, a UK company can operate remotely through a Private Cloud and still perform just as well.

Eventually, this can grow into a full scale branch of the business – giving your company access to US talent and some of the most highly skilled professionals in the world. It can also give you a foothold for continued expansion into Canada, Central America and South America, too.

That all sounds good, right? So – how do you install a Private Cloud in the USA for a UK business? It all starts with planning and design…

Designing and planning a USA Private Cloud installation

Establishing needs is the first step to getting your Private Cloud installed in America. This will involve answering questions like:

  • How many users do you need to serve?
  • How local can your Private Cloud installation be?
  • What workloads and performance requirements do you have?
  • What are your Private Cloud storage needs?

This information will help you choose a US data centre and to source hardware, software, and networking components. One of the best parts of Private Cloud is that it is fully custom, so you can choose devices, hardware and software that match your needs exactly. This means you can spend more where it matters to your users, and less where it doesn’t.


To install your Private Cloud, you’ll need to get your specified and customised hardware over to the USA.

We have some proper experience here… we actually built a custom Private Cloud solution that was delivered to our data centre in Miami for installation – and tracked the delivery with an Apple AirTag.

We timed this delivery well, so our Technical Director could get on-site to the data centre for installation quickly. Once there, The hardware was installed carefully into the reserved rackspace, where it would have its own internet connectivity, and an dual, uninterruptible power supply, with redundancies.

Our Technical Director could then complete some the final configuration steps, before thorough testing began. Tests were run for networking, storage, compatibility, connectivity and latency – and more – to make sure the whole installation was working perfectly and fit for purpose.

This unfortunately meant that our Technical Director had to be in Miami for an extended period.

Poor fella.

But thankfully, the Private Cloud installation in our US data centre has performed exceptionally since it launched.

Private Cloud installations in the USA

Interested in running a Private Cloud in the USA for your UK business – but not keen on planning, building, and installing it yourself?

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